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Resist the temptation to look back at the article or essay as you write your summary. You may only be paraphrasing a sentence or two. custom essay research paper in science buddies In such cases, quotations, as long as they are short and not used too frequently , are useful in developing your topic. Tips for paraphrasing Read the text several times to understand the meaning Extract the main idea from the sentence and think about it on its own Frame the idea in a new sentence You could try and structure the sentence differently try starting with the main idea Now return to the original and make sure that the meaning is still the same and that nothing has been misinterpreted Remember to cite your source using a recognised referencing format. As David Bodanis points out with such good humour in The Secret House , potato chips are an example of total destruction foods.

Of the three ways to introduce ideas from a source into your research papers for college and university, direct quotation is the one you should use least—except for literary essays see Writing the Literary Essay on this Web site. Keep reading it until you have identified the main ideas and formed a mental picture of their arrangement. help with writing college essay nursing Your outline should consist of the controlling idea thesis of the article and the key ideas, in the order in which they appear. Notice that both authors omitted material to make the quoted passages shorter and easier to read, and that they have signalled these omissions to the reader by the use of ellipses. Do not include any supporting details statistics, specific facts, examples, etc.

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Occasionally, however, you will find that someone else—an expert in a particular field, a well-known author, or a respected public figure—has said what you want to say but eloquently, vividly, more memorably than you could ever hope to say it. Be sure every quotation is an accurate reproduction of the original passage. Summary paraphrase and quotation examples Do not put quotation marks around a block quotation.

But the rewards are worth your time and effort. Humans have been making beer from malt and yeast for 8, years. Summary paraphrase and quotation examples Hops were added to European beer in the 12th century; in some places, laws were passed prohibiting their use.

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When you decide to quote source material, you should introduce it so that it will blend as seamlessly as possible into your writing. After each sentence in which you identify a key idea, add in your own words any necessary explanation or clarification of that point. professional essay writing services how do Finally, Davis recounts his own experience working as a logger in the pristine rainforest of west coast British Columbia. They have to produce a high-frequency shattering; foods which generate low-frequency rumblings are crunchy, or slurpy but not crisp.

Statements that pack a lot of meaning into few words can be explained only at greater length. Resist the temptation to look back at the article or essay as you write your summary. can you write my research paper science fair project Finally, Davis recounts his own experience working as a logger in the pristine rainforest of west coast British Columbia.

See Format and Documentation on this Web site. Destructo-packaging sets a favourable mood. essay writing service legal formation You shorten condense the most important idea or ideas in the source material and express them in your own words. In addition to illustrating how to introduce and format block quotations and how to punctuate spot quotations, the examples given above also show you how to modify a quotation to fit your space and suit your purpose. Write the meanings above the words they apply to.

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Then you copy the quotation, beginning on a new line and indenting the entire quotation 10 spaces or 2. Tips for summarising Highlight the main ideas in the text you want to summarise do not include any minor details Combine these ideas together in your own words Correctly interpret the original Do not include your own opinion or add extra information Use your own words and not those of the original author unless using quotation marks Remember to cite your source using a recognised referencing format Keep reminding your reader that you are summarising the work of someone else: The purpose of summarizing is to give the reader an overview of the article, report, or chapter. Summary paraphrase and quotation examples Our paraphrase is roughly the same length as the original passage.

If there are no headings, pay particular attention to the introduction, where you are likely to find an overview of the subject, together with a statement of the thesis; the topic sentence of each paragraph topic sentences identify key ideas ; and the conclusion, which often summarizes the thesis and points to its significance. See Format and Documentation. Summary paraphrase and quotation examples A summary is significantly shorter than the original text and tends to give an overview of a topic area. Connect with DMU Library: Page maintained by Philip Kenneth Adams.

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